LED Light Therapy

Rejuvenate your skin for a more youthful glow. LED is a non-thermal, non-invasive treatment that promotes cellular metabolism, this will lead to the improvement of circulation, reduction of pigmentation, and encourage healing within the skin. LED utilises different wavelengths of light to support a different function within the skin & benefits all skin types. Enjoy this treatment on its own or as an add on to a facial or AHA peel.

20 min

The power of LED is undeniable, and regular sessions can restore and maintain your skin.

The express LED session was created because we wanted quick affordable session for our clients.
Please arrive with a cleansed face and be ready to relax for 20 min.

30 min

Time poor but want a little pampering, or coming from work and don’t have time to remove your makeup ?
A step up from our express LED…we will give your skin a deep double cleanse, massage your arms whilst enjoying the LED light therapy, and follow with active serums and a moisturiser filled with beneficial ingredients including peptides.

50 min

This will become your favourite mini skin treat.
Our Societe hydrating mask is loaded with hyaluronic acid which instantly hydrates the skin reducing fine lines giving your skin a plump appearance AND peptides which are the building blocks to the collagen and elastin found in our skin. Add this together with an incredible LED light therapy session and your skin will be looking amazing. The perfect mini skin treatment.


Add an LED to your favourite BB facial